Talking Mopars

Mopar Lounge - great for garage listening

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to put on a Mopar adorned lounge coat, kick back on a leather couch with a cigar, glass of whiskey and good company while talking Mopars?

Listening to this podcast is just that!

Every week you get to sit back, chill out and meditate to all things Mopar. Chris is extremely easy to listen to and “hang out with.” The tone of this podcast is conversational, informative and smooth. Sort of like a fine glass of Bourbon, and a night kicking it in the garage with your hot rod buddies.

Whether you are wrenching in the garage, commuting to work, hanging at a car show or kicking back on a chase lounge in full Hugh Hefner attire, surrounded by models... this is the podcast for the Mopar enthusiast in you!


Jan. 27, 2020 by MechE fisher on Apple Podcasts

Talking Mopars