Episode #5: Is Mopar Rust The New Gold?

Dec. 8, 2019

On this episode we take a look at the prices of Mopars, and more.

Episode #4: Listener Mopar Stories & The Mopar Hunter Project Car

Dec. 1, 2019

We share some listener Mopar stories, the story behind The Mopar Hunter's project car, and more.

Episode #3: Dodge Challenger 50th Anniversary & What's a Mopar?

Nov. 24, 2019

The Dodge Challenger is turning 50 so we take a look at the upcoming anniversary edition, as well as take a glimpse back at the first Challenger released in 1970. We also talk about what a Mopar is for those that are new to …

Episode #2: Mr. Norm's Big Block Dodge Dart

Nov. 17, 2019

The story behind Mr. Norm's big block Dodge Dart, and more.

Episode #1: The Story Behind The 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

Nov. 10, 2019

The story behind the launch of the 1968 Plymouth Road Runner, and more.

Episode #0: Trailer - Talking Mopars w/ The Mopar Hunter

Oct. 27, 2019

A forward look at Talking Mopars, your direct connection to all things Mopar.