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Love everything about Talking Mopars

I’ve learned so much from this Podcast. I really enjoy the episodes with Johnny Mopar in them. But mostly love the history that I didn’t know.

Great relaxing pod cast.

A great podcast with information and learning, Chris has a way of just sitting down with his guests and putting it in drive and go. Love the stories, insights.

Best podcast to feed my mopar addiction!!

Best podcast in my opinion! Super interesting topics and stuff I never knew about! 10/10 for sure! Just wish it was uploaded more than once a week


I just discovered this podcast. I am now binge-listening to every episode. It’s such a relief to hear from another Mopar fan that has the same sickness that I do. I want Mopar to be water so that I can drink it in, or bathe in it. My blood isn’t red, it’s Hemi Orange. I don’t remember where I l…

Talking Mopars

I do enjoy listening to your programs while I’m out in my garage working. Keep them coming. Also, I am in into the late B body Magnums. I actually had one of mine in a Made for TV documentary.

Good Podcast

Chris covers a wide variety of MOPAR stuff and he continues to develop the podcast. There is something MOPAR regardless of your taste......unless you have none, like the previous reviewer.

Excellent Show

Very informative and addictive.

Best Podcast Ever!

No Mopar left behind, best podcast about everything mopar related! Thanks Chris, much love and respect!

Great show

Glad to hear someone sharing the love of all things Mopar. Keep up the good work !

Top notch

Great Podcast for the Mopar enthusiasts. A great mix of old cars and new news

Mopar Lounge - great for garage listening

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to put on a Mopar adorned lounge coat, kick back on a leather couch with a cigar, glass of whiskey and good company while talking Mopars? Listening to this podcast is just that! Every week you get to sit back, chill out and meditate to all things …

Does that thing got a hemi?

Now I’m a Chevy guy by heart. Over time I have become more and more interested mopar cars/engines. To be honest I was uneducated on these style cars so I never got involved with them. This podcast is fun to listen to while I learn about this different spectrum of cars for myself. Keep up the good w…

Great show

I can see this show evolving into something really great and fun to listen to. We’ve had many conversations over social media and like I’ve said I consider you a long distance friend and this show will only help me get to know you better. I hope one day our paths will cross. Keep up the great work …

Try it , you’ll like it!

This show is great . It’s entertaining and informative . I’ve learned a little tidbit in mopar history in each episode so far. Also the mopar hunting tips and buy of the week are great too!

Great show

This gentlemen is involved with everything MOPAR. I join the SRT-10 Facebook page, and wolllah he is a member. Love hi passion for these vehicles.